A digital agency,
provide the web solutions.

We are a digital agency, playing with web design & development. Focused on WordPress, one of the best open-source CMS, and also on Laravel, another popular PHP framework to build web application and software.

We provide premium services

We have hundreds of satisfied clients around the world. They come back many times to get our services & we make them happy.

We love our clients, they love our solutions & affords. It’s because we provide maximum solutions with affordable budget.


We Build Premium Products

With thousands of happy customers, we build premium Templates, Themes & Software that are ready to go and well documented.

We love our craft, our young professionals put their harts & passion together to building great things for our amazing customers.


We are right for you!

We Do Well Research

Everything we make, we do well research first, to make sure our craft becomes innovative & unique.

Perfect Testing

We strongly focus on testing, either website or application, we test them in different ways to make it perfect.

User Friendly Design

We ensure the usability, it’s build friendly relationship between design & users, so users don’t have to think.

Lifetime Support & Updates

We offer lifetime supports to our clients & they have free access to all the updates we release for the products.

High Standard Coding

We are the team of experts, have around 10 years of experience. We always keep up-to-date with latest technologies.

Everything Under One Roof

Since we are the team of designers & developers, we have special service to make the whole thing together.

Our lovely clients say

It has been a pleasure to work with talented people from CoderPixel and always looking forward tackling new ideas with their team.- Olavi Soosaar, Vezio
They are shit, for a few years they are helping me out to build crazy things. Since i get them I never thought back & i will not. Love you guys!- Founder, GSamdani


Ready to start a project & want to learn more about our process and how we work with clients? Let’s get it scheduled. Please fill out our project planner form as much detail as possible and we’ll reach out to get the conversation started.
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